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Rubber tree in the State of São Paulo

The rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is originally from Brazil and had its extraction extensively in trees scattered in the forests, mainly in the Amazon states. Several projects were developed in this region, with intensified cultivations, but there was a disease, the Leaf Evil, that made the culture in these tropical areas unfeasible.

Studies and research directed the Planalto Paulista as an ideal field for the cultivation of rubber trees. After a detailed study, C&S began a strong work in the elaboration and implantation of rubber plantations in several DIRAS (Regional Agricultural Divisions), financed by the Pro Rubber Program (PROBOR) I, II, III.

We worked for several years for groups such as Paula Machado (Cia das Docas de Santos), Alcântara Machado (Dr. Caio de Alcântara Machado), SRUR, Lunardeli, among others, with important participation in the development of heveculture in the State of São Paulo.



Viability in Exporting Foods to Europe

The German trader Werner Lazar hired the team of C&S to develop a feasibility study for export of strawberries, chicken and soy. Chicken for Arab countries, strawberry for Europe, mainly Germany and Austria and soy for the Netherlands.

For several months, our team visited large producers in several regions of Brazil, each with its specialty and well-defined characteristics. This study included from productive factors, national and international logistics, to financial, taxation factors, clearly directing the contractor’s demand in Europe.


Multiculture of Phidias Farming

Among many projects, C&S had a remarkable performance, by hiring the Cia das Docas de Santos.

In full expansion and diversification in the 80’s, Cia Docas requested and contracted our team for the elaboration and implementation of this great agricultural project in the State of São Paulo. We locate as the most favorable region taking into account climatic factors, land types, prices and logistics, the northwest region of the State, in the municipality of Reginópolis | SP.

Our participation has been from the elaboration of the project, in the whole and in parts, for each culture, choice and purchase of the property, the preparation of nurseries of seedlings, the formation of the crops, including the harvesting and commercialization of the production of the crops of more short cycles. Among the selected cultures were implemented, orange, rubber, cashew, pineapple and lemon.



Black pepper of the Amazon

Knowingly the Northern Region of Brazil, with more emphasis for the state of Amazonas, has among its cultures, the Black pepper.

Several producers from this state, as well as entrepreneurs from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, have contracted C&S for economic feasibility studies and technical projects, for foundation of crops and commercialization of production. Together with local technicians, universities and research centers, we were able to direct and help to implant this culture in several municipalities of that region.


Venture Capital Series A: Stem Cells Bank

Biocells, a biotechnology company specializing in the collection and storage of stem cells, received a capital contribution of 40% of its quotas.

Biocells is the only private stem cell bank in the interior of the State of São Paulo. In addition, it is a member company of Cord Blood America Inc., the world leader in umbilical cord blood stem cell storage, and the first private licensed cord blood collection and storage company in more than 15 countries. C&S Projetos e Mercado acted as the exclusive financial advisor of Biocells in this transaction.

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Economic Diagnosis Santa Rosa Plant

The Santa Rosa Mill is one of the most traditional sugar and alcohol mills in Brazil. Installed in the interior of the State of São Paulo, it has, besides the industrial operation, the agricultural operation and management of real estate assets (lands).
We were hired to carry out the Economic Diagnosis, in order to identify operational improvement opportunities vis-à-vis indebtedness with third parties. The projection premises were structured in order to attend the agricultural and industrial operational activities. Comparative analyzes with the segment were carried out, so that our economic opinion could represent not only the moment experienced in perspective, but in what way the sector was positioned and which strategies should be adopted.


Agricultural controller of Consoni Group

With its economic growth, the Consoni family realized the need to implement the Controllership in their businesses, with information system contemplating budget, costs, monthly management reports and accounting, done in the company itself. C&S made the full implementation of these controls and led for the time needed until the company’s team was able to continue efficiently.


Pro-alcohol for Foundation of Crops and Distilleries

The Brazilian government, seeking to promote the production of alcohol for fuel, created the Pro-alcohol Program.
This involved financing from the foundation and renewal of sugar cane plantations to the installation of sugar mills and distilleries from the production of 60,000 liters/day.
We participate in numerous feasibility studies and projects, both for agricultural production areas, and for distilleries in various regions of Brazil. Among our works are: Study and 120,000 Liters/day Distillery Project for the Paula Machado Group in the city of Campos | RJ; Santa Bárbara Usine and Distillery Expansion Project; Foundation for Iracema Plant of the Ometo Group, in the city of Iracemápolis | SP.


Strategic Alignment and Strategy Management Workshop at SCCON

SCCON (Santiago & Cintra Consultoria) is a Brazilian international company that develops and provides complete GeoTI solutions, including satellite imagery, process and system modeling, image processing, consulting, mapping and development of WebGis and Mobile systems.

In addition to conducting the Strategic Alignment Workshop with SCCON, we are moving towards implementation, where we use specific methodologies and tools to monitor implementation, monitor results and strategically and strategically.