Rubber tree in the State of São Paulo

The rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is originally from Brazil and had its extraction extensively in trees scattered in the forests, mainly in the Amazon states. Several projects were developed in this region, with intensified cultivations, but there was a disease, the Leaf Evil, that made the culture in these tropical areas unfeasible.

Studies and research directed the Planalto Paulista as an ideal field for the cultivation of rubber trees. After a detailed study, C&S began a strong work in the elaboration and implantation of rubber plantations in several DIRAS (Regional Agricultural Divisions), financed by the Pro Rubber Program (PROBOR) I, II, III.

We worked for several years for groups such as Paula Machado (Cia das Docas de Santos), Alcântara Machado (Dr. Caio de Alcântara Machado), SRUR, Lunardeli, among others, with important participation in the development of heveculture in the State of São Paulo.


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