The importance of managerial controls in the M&E process

Selling a company is not a decision to be made suddenly; it demands of your shareholders a lot of reflection, since the decision involves financial and emotional factors and must be accompanied by a lot of caution and strategy.

When an entrepreneur wants to expose his company to the market, it is important that he/she is aware of each phase of the M&E process, of the time dedicated to the work and of the strategies that must be carried out to feel the receptivity of the market to the purchase.

Be it in the preparation of the company, definition of shareholder goals, prospecting and approach, or any other moment of the transaction, every detail is essential for success.

Among all the stages, as the main point for opening the project, we highlight: the preparation and evaluation of the company. It is important to understand that when presenting an opportunity for an investor to buy, it is necessary for the investor to identify synergies and new business opportunities, adding value to the company and defining openness for a negotiation.

In this sense, it is essential that entrepreneurs who wish to open their company to new shareholders, to maintain a strict control and audit their company to ensure efficient analysis of historical performance and the development of future projections.

Despite the need for these managerial controls to carry a certain truism, many companies are not yet managed through these important tools, which can compromise the technical foundation and hinder the investor’s vision to evaluate future projections and synergistic opportunities in the market.

Andressa Lucas de Freitas

Market intelligence

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