Financial modeling – an instrument in decision-making

Political and economic instability in Brazil and in the world requires companies to take a dynamic look at risk management.

In a scenario where change occurs quickly, any political, technological, or economic influence can destabilize a company and create uncertainty and pressure for an organization.

It is now almost impossible to find a company that does not live in an environment of increasing instability and competitiveness. This requires its shareholders to have an innovative look with agile and transparent management of the company’s resources.

In this sense, in addition to the need to have a board of directors to discuss strategies, controls, internal and external policies, it is imperative that companies have full control of their financial planning.

Through financial modeling, counselors will be supported in strategic planning and decision-making. With it, it will be possible to estimate results for specific projects, as well as to enable the simulation of several scenarios oriented to risk management and evaluation of new investments.

Andressa Lucas de Freitas

Market intelligence

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