Enterprise Data Governance

Data analysis whether production, trade, marketing, financial, strategic, risk and compliance among others, should become routine in modern companies.

The big date is not just a trend, but a reality that should become routine in the business model. Store data with governance, brings security in decision-making, day-to-day targeting and strategic risk mitigation. It is certainly an excellent tool, widely used in modern enterprise, no matter its segment or size.

It is possible to have adaptations, according to the specific needs of each business. Its operator is known as CDO (Chief Data Officer), and the big sponsor should be the Chief Executive Officer, or the executive with the highest position, whose mission is to encourage all areas of the company as well as its employees, to interact with the Data Governance.

From the moment everyone sees value in solutions based on concrete information and well aligned with reality, their use becomes more and more, and efficiency gradually increases.

Assuming that somehow, the companies have a large number of data, but most of the time misaligned, and many of them without link, it can be started by organizing them, in a second moment, to seek an increment and storing, using appropriate information system.

With the involvement of all members of the team, and the correct direction of information made by CDO, the assertive degree in decision-making increases significantly, resulting in an improvement in the result of the business.

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