3rd Largest Sicilian Lemon Planting

With excellent yield as a raw material for pectin manufacture, the Sicilian Lemon is regarded as the main.

When Braspectina de Limeira | SP, a producer of the pectin product, essential oils, besides the lemon juice sold to the English multinational Bulmer, had included in the business Macaúba Farm, until then considered the third largest planting of the market of Lemon Siciliano. Braspectina had this planting, only as a supplier of raw material for the plant, not having the objective of profit. Bulmer added another vision, namely: “We want the raw material, but we also want the profit of the production.”

We were hired to make the project viable. Our team of agronomists and economists had already in the first year a beginning of renovation of crops and an equalization of costs and expenses. As the years went by, precisely three years ago, the farm became profitable, with its already reformed orchards and increased productivity.

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