Innovation Citropectine

Considered a revolutionary project, our Technical Team developed, together with zoo technicians of the Institute of Animal Science of the city of Nova Odessa, SP, a confinement for fattening of bovines, only with industrial residues.

The Pectin Industry Braspectina, owned by Citropectine de Limeira | SP, had as a big problem, one of its effluents, called Sirop, due to its pasty consistency. We conducted a study, together with animal nutrition technicians, and as a result a feed was made using the effluent as a base for fattening cattle whose characteristics met the objectives of a feedlot.

The industry solved the problem with Sirop, and as an addition, set up a large cattle confinement, with reduced-time end-results and benefit for meat, sold to the Hilton Quota.

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