Multiculture of Phidias Farming

Among many projects, C&S had a remarkable performance, by hiring the Cia das Docas de Santos.

In full expansion and diversification in the 80’s, Cia Docas requested and contracted our team for the elaboration and implementation of this great agricultural project in the State of São Paulo. We locate as the most favorable region taking into account climatic factors, land types, prices and logistics, the northwest region of the State, in the municipality of Reginópolis | SP.

Our participation has been from the elaboration of the project, in the whole and in parts, for each culture, choice and purchase of the property, the preparation of nurseries of seedlings, the formation of the crops, including the harvesting and commercialization of the production of the crops of more short cycles. Among the selected cultures were implemented, orange, rubber, cashew, pineapple and lemon.


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