What is your moment?

It is common to know companies without strategy, adrift. There is talk of lack of vision, also in the lack of knowledge of tools for definition and management of the strategy. We note that the distance between the perception and the reality of the moment experienced in each business has been a classic barrier to the direction of these companies.

There is no way to stand up to an efficient strategy without knowing where we are, what the real moment is.

There are times when the business is doing well, with good market share, good contribution margin and positive flows. It seems like time to grow, to seek new challenges. Financing, strategic partnerships and corporate movements can mean an acceleration in this process. And why not talk about selling the business?

Are the numbers not good? Are there missing sales? Is the result below expected and the debt only increasing? It is time to understand what is strangling business efficiency, create scenarios and initiate restructuring actions.

Business and emotions in administration often do not live well. Therefore, regardless of your perception of the moment, always have the mathematical confirmation in your favor. Make sure that all the variables implied in the business – earnings, turnover and cash are present in your accounts. This is the beginning of a winning strategy.

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