The Olives in Europe 1 – The European Continent and Business Opportunities

A month ago in European territory in the mission to understand the market, to capture its needs, to observe its opportunities, its particularities and its immensity of business possibilities, I present a very brief Brazilian vision focused on this very old continent, without any pretension to exhaust the subject, serving reciprocal entrepreneurship.

There are many points that deserve attention, from the way of life, the quality of the products and services, the people and the context that surround, which radically change the form and the objectives of the business. Certainly, almost inexhaustible the particularities of each European country or region compared to other nationalities, among them, Brazil.

At every moment, the thought why this or that has not yet in Brazil. Or, again, in the reverse thought, that such a friend or Brazilian company would do very well in this region. It is striking that the answer, perhaps quite simple, is that no one has undertaken this.

Cultural difference may be one of the barriers to this introduction. For example, most likely in Germany, there will be no demand for the gaucho chimarrão, just as in Minas you may not be interested in the Italian Spritz, Aperol-based drink, very famous and with regional variants.

However, appreciation for quality is a universal appeal. When we come across a really good product, there is an interest in knowing more about it, how it works, its relevance in the domestic market and, invariably, comparing with the similar product in Brazil that comes closest to it, if it exists. And vice versa, because after all, many Brazilian products are also very good and have a lot of appreciation in Europe, or could have, if they were properly inserted in that market.

Primary needs prioritize the consolidation of basic products and services, while a situation of greater economic stability favors a more sophisticated or higher quality product or service. I believe that this difference of economic moment explains a lot the differences that I see in life and consumption in Italy, where I find myself, for example.

A good Brazilian product can and should be introduced abroad with great pride. And, humbly, surrender and learn about the quality not only of services and products, but also procedures of organization, management, execution and, why not, also life goals. After all, Brazil is a young country with a strong will to win. And Europe, with its many hundreds of years of experience, can be a very important channel at this stage.

Guilherme Oliveira

Corporate Transactions | Europe

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