The Boards of Directors and Business Planning

There is a huge discussion about the existence of Planning Committees on Boards of Directors.

I would like to state here that I am fully in favor of the fact that the Board of Directors must always have the task of taking care of strategic planning and, further having a strong role in its preparation.

There are many currents that think about it, however, the most consistent and the one I defend, is the formation of a planning committee with the presence of advisers prepared for this mission and the advice by external professionals when necessary.

It can be said that, although the chief executive feels the market changes and trends on a daily basis, it is the board, especially in the person of its president, who should observe, analyze and direct the business.

It must therefore have a select and competent group of advisers, who will translate the directions and guidelines to be made into the planning.

I believe in the composition among executives, consultants and advisers for the analysis and elaboration of a good plan, which should be conducted, after its conclusion, by the executives and supervised by the directors.

Here is a warning for companies that do not deal with this matter, planning, with attention: good planning, execution and supervision, direct the business to success, and those companies that ignore it, are striving towards the closing of activities.

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