Successful Entrepreneurs also sell their Companies

Entrepreneurship is an activity that involves many risks and uncertainties. It requires the entrepreneur to be very involved, incessant search for new strategies, continuous analysis of results and development of new actions so that its operation keeps growing.

A successful company is an aspiration for all entrepreneurs. All desire the achievement of a successful business, with expansion projections, consumer recognition and a value story.

But what to do when the goals have been won and the entrepreneur has the desire to move to new challenges? What is the decision to make when I do not have successors to continue the family business? Do I consider selling the company to get rid of family disputes and ensure the company continues to expand?

The issue is delicate. The exit of an entrepreneur involves several motivations and many factors, among them, emotional and financial. It requires a preparation of all those involved and, essentially, of the entrepreneur, who needs to be able to face a unique and complex situation: deciding to leave the business.

There is a great challenge to be faced. The difficulty of making the decision is obvious, but when defined, it should be prioritized by well thought out and concatenated strategies, guaranteeing not only the organizational preparation, but especially the cultural and even the emotional of all involved.

A key word for entrepreneurs who are facing this moment: preparation. This put, to the work for whom, with the proper preparation and support, decided to start the process of selling your company.

Andressa Lucas de Freitas

Market intelligence

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