Strategic Alignment Workshop

The Strategy defines and informs the direction of the company, the priorities and the allocation of resources, helping to guide the innumerable decisions made in the day to day towards the objectives of the company.

The Strategic Alignment Workshop of C&S Projects and Market uses a proven and effective methodology that seeks to balance theory and practice, bringing a dynamic and collaborative approach so that the strategy is elaborated in a group, increasing the level of engagement of those involved and the responsibility of the management team in relation to strategic actions, goals and results.

Driven necessarily by the presence of top management (shareholders, president or CEO) and its executive team (directors, managers and coordinators), the Strategic Alignment Workshop becomes an important milestone for the company insofar as it clarifies and consolidates the strategy , allowing it to be effectively communicated to the entire organization.

Notably, the best results are those obtained when everyone in the organization understands and is oriented to organizational strategy. For this reason, the Strategic Alignment Workshop can be done at any time of the year, and not just before the start of the company’s fiscal year.

Our work dynamics seek to address the main elements of a sustainable business model that aims to offer its value proposition to its clients, so that the financial result is enough to maintain a cost structure that supports the whole process of development, production and product delivery, as well as support and customer relationships.

Prior to the event, C&S consultants conduct individual interviews with all participants of the workshop, in order to understand the level of understanding the strategy, where the organization wants to reach and what are the most important results for the business to carry out its mission and reach the vision.

During the workshop, the main steps of strategic planning are considered as: organizational analysis, strategic analysis (internal and external) and strategic definitions (market positioning, priority product portfolio, target customer segments, financial and non-financial goals).

The role of C&S Projects in this context is to provide methodologies based on the main strategic planning concepts, to foster group discussion, to promote team alignment, so that everyone participates and is responsible for the decisions made.

Strategy aligned and goals set, time to implement!

We know that the ability to execute strategy is more important than the quality of the strategy itself. However, we can not expect the strategy to be implemented without it being described.

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