Manage Strategically

One of the main reasons for the early closure of companies, especially small and micro, is the lack of information. It is disproportionate the relationship between the will to undertake and the preparation that is sought for it.

Often, dreams turn into nightmares with widespread publicity, and yet new inscriptions for these misadventures are created all over the country.

Today, with the crisis installed, what is seen is the rise in the level of frustration for medium and large companies. And in all cases there is a lack of information.

Whether the project is complex or simply a business idea: you have to pay attention! Equally, if the company does not even exist or is already installed: you have to look from the top, not with the head down.

Most entrepreneurs or managers spend their talent and energy putting out fires, solving everyday problems that tools could do with less effort. A typical example is cash flow management, which draws the attention of managers and steers companies to the common grave of the debtors, bank hostages, and favors in their value chain.

This is not to say that managing the financial flow is easy, but rather that this is basic and works as a tool for the main operation of the company. Nothing will work if the cash flow is not resolved or minimally equalized. It equates to comparing it with the preparation of a cake: the financial flow would be the oven. If it is not in the correct temperature range, no ingredient will save the result, and the idea of the design or taste of the dish will be lost.

However, when the basic functions are in the wake of the organization’s work, the manager has energy and attention to the context, and then starts to manage strategically.

No matter the level of decision, whether it is operational, business or corporate, strategic thinking lies in the future, in the next movements of the market, the competition and the company itself.

It seems harder than it really is. Just observe the companies that stand out: they are richer, with happier partners, with fewer problems. In them, there is strategy everywhere.

So who fights with finances today is already doomed? Absolutely not! But you must exercise the strategic eye, and see where the effort will lead the company. Anyone who has financial problems has no choice: they will have to work and expend energy on it, but they can rely on tools, applications and attitudes that bring these issues into routine procedures. But you should look at your customers, at your market, at the world, and then use your talent, your intuition.

There is no other way to do this than to seek information. Read, go out, talk and listen… before speaking.

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