Investing in Hard Times

In researches, economic headlines, magazines and newspapers, there is much talk about prospects for resuming economic activity, but the most significant sectors of GDP remain at irrelevant levels, the fall in services prevails and household consumption remains subdued.

For many companies, the expansion plan was sidelined due to declining sales and difficulties in cash flow. Unfortunately, these entrepreneurs have the following questions for decision making: How to honor supplier payments? How do you keep employees? Signing in or not with a recovery request?

Other companies managed to maintain their growth rate, leveraged sales, gained new customers, however, did not invest in new projects, involved in insecurity amid the projections.

What to do in these moments of stagnation? Amid this scenario of insecurity, going back with the investment strategies is really the right choice?

Everything depends on the moment of each company and, mainly, the vision of its managers. In difficult moments, it is common for entrepreneurs to spend their energy fully on the operation and daily conflicts, leaving aside their main activity: directing the strategies for the future of the company.

Having a strategic vision for the short, medium and long term is essential for any business, amidst the market oscillations many opportunities can be found, mergers and acquisitions for example, can contain good business opportunities and be a great strategy for market expansion and increased competitiveness.

Although the difficulties are clear, it is imperative that entrepreneurs keep their attention in planning and executing strategies also for the long term. After all, difficult times exist to be overcome and strategic projects should not be just in the drawer, they deserve to be executed.

Andressa Lucas de Freitas

Market intelligence

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