Banco do Brasil Signs Truce to Working Capital Contracts amid Economic Chaos

Banco do Brasil has just created a credit line that allows, through approval, the Extension of the Payment Period (Interest and Amortization), for up to 180 days, to companies that are at risk of defaulting with the bank, in the working capital already signed.

According to information obtained with Banco do Brasil itself, in debt restructuring, the “truce” will be analyzed by a Deferring Committee, which signals approval for a term of up to 120 days, although the line provides for 180 days. The basic requirements for the lawsuit are: to have current credit limit and to be up to date with the contracted services.

Although this line has not yet been institutionalized by other financial agents, there are occasional signs of relaxation in the negotiations, such as the disorder that the crisis has provoked in relations between banks and companies. Let’s follow.

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