Venture Capital Series B: Stem Cell Bank

Widecells Brasil Laboratory of Biotechnology and Cryopreservation Ltda, a biotechnology company specializing in the collection and storage of stem cells, linked to Widecells Group PLC, a European company listed on the London Stock Exchange, sold strategic shareholding in order to make its development project feasible Brazilian market.

Widecells Brasil is the only private stem cell bank in the interior of the State of São Paulo and the first regulated by Anvisa. Through the Widecells Group PLC, it has exclusive licensing of the WideCells brand in Brazil and technology to operate stem cells from the umbilical cord, blood, tissue, fat and milk tooth.

C&S Projects and market served, the second time, as exclusive financial advisor to the Widecells Brazil in the preparation, dissemination and closing of the sale of shareholding transaction.


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